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Dear Gourmet Clam

When Andrew came to me with his
stuffers to try, I decided to bring them to
my toughest critics - my wife and daughter.
Not often do they endorse a new product,
so I was prepared to tell Andrew, as I had
to many before him, "thanks, but no thanks."
Needless to say, the two taste-testers
(real seafood b
uffs also!) loved them.

I decided to take more stuffers to use as
samples for my very best customers. Without exception, everyone came back raving about the "delicious clams" and asking for more. And why wouldn't they. They look good. They smell
good. And they sure do taste good.

The response was so overwhelmingly
positive that I offered Andrew my
distribution and manufacturing contacts.
I'm certain this product will sell.

Many Thanks!!!

Louie Trio, Owner, Founder


Dear Gourmet Clam

I consider myself a purveyor of fine food
and I offer my clientele extra-ordinary
products. I would sell Amy and Andrew's
clam stuffers in my store as I know
discerning tastes will appreciate them.
Not often do you find a "stuffed anything"
that matches the succulence of these
quahogs. They tickle the taste buds, indeed.

The clam stuffers are as beautifully
presented as they are delectably
tasty. They are suitable for serving as
appetizers for a cocktail party or as
splendid teasers for a brunch or supper.
The stuffed quahogs are filling but, at
the same time, light. They
are marvelous inventions!

Yours Truly,
Cremaldi's Gourmet Catering
Catherine Cremaldi, Owner