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Based on the ideals we share, the Gourmet Clam
is built on a cornerstone of love for family,
friends, and, of course, food. Mix in our house
on Cape Cod and we found more common
interests previously unbeknownst to either of us.

This New England summer have brought with it
the duties of gardener, housekeeper and landscaper.
The allure of fishing decreased-clamming was
the new, intriguing practice that had only
previously been enjoyed via consumption. I quickly
discovered that participating in the clamming
process heightened the culinary experience.

Instead of using the typical raking method to
find the burrowed creatures, I can be seen
on my hands and knees picking a full bucket
of clams in a span of twenty minutes. I brought
home this labor of love, combined forces
with Amy and the avenue of gardening, and
found a multitude of recipes, some which
were built off of ancestral cooking.

We invite you to dive in. Don't worry
about breaking your teeth on clamshells or
unfulfilled expectations. Let our joy of
creation transpire into your culinary delight.